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tv   News  ABC  July 20, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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amateur video to certain sites like youtube. be gave what you watch and what you take as fact because this story is evolving minute by minute for us here and we're bringing it to you with everything we know and have confirmed now. >> we do want to let you know right now on your screen, it says 10 dead. that has been changed recently. 14 people killed inside that movie theater. i know a lot of you are looking forward to seeing this movie, taking your kids there and that's really what's so scary about this situation is because so many people were in that movie theater, a midnight showing. >> we're talking about stadium seating. if you've ever been to an imax or something like that, massive rooms and you know there was not an empty seat in that room. we don't have a complete number on who was watching this movie, but so many of these movies were sold out, getting ready for that anticipation, like you were talking about, megan. a lot of rumor this morning about a second gunman. we have no confirmed reports and no existing evidence of any kind of a second gunman or an accomplice. we do know, though, one person in custody. >> so we're getting new information by the second.
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we are going to update you throughout the morning, not only on air, but online. so stay with us this morning. it's 5:30 right now, 74 degrees. i know a lot of you probably woke up at some point last night and saw a spectacular lightning show which is certainly a big concern, considering all the storms and power outages we've had. so let's get right to meteorologist mike massco. >> here we go. let's talk about the flash flood watch that's in effect across the area. we're going to talk more about your forecast coming up in just a unfortunately the heavy storms left behind a lot of flooding and we are dealing with that accident on 83. i'll have more on the delays coming up on "good morning maryland." >>reporter: good morning, everyone. topping america's money, ford is telling owners of some new 2013 escape suvs to stop driving them. fuel lines can crack, spill gas and start an engine fire. three fires have been reported. the recall involves more than 11.000 suvs. echos of the subprime mortgage mess and student loans, a new government report says the same
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kind of risky lending caused private student loan debt to explode, leaving many borrowers unable to pay it back. and target is taking aim at city dwellers. the big box retailer is opening its first three smaller stores next week in chicago, l.a. and seattle. the urban versions will be about 1/3 smaller than usual targets. and marissa mayer must be saying yahoo. the new yahoo ceo, she's getting a compensation package worth $59 million which includes $30 million as a lumpsum if she stays with yahoo for five years. that's "america's money." i'm paula farris.
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it is friday, july 20th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks soap for joining us.
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lauren cook has a look at traffic, mike has a check on the weather. that's a huge story for a lot of you. you saw that thunder and lightning. i do want to go back to something earlier in the week. we saw a picture you brought up from an ellicott city lemonade stand. in that photograph, that's me, danoto and her friend, frank. this is a cool story besides the fact it's a lemonade stand, they were inspired by the proceeds they made to donate it to mac murray, a 7-year-old boy, i believe he's from sikesville and has a rare disease. there's an organization called max team and they're helping the family pay for medical bills. a pretty cool story right there, way to go megan and mia taking those proceeds and doing something good with it. >> i always love that. $1.75 for lemonade. >> i'm telling you, it's delicious. >> inflation at its best. >> those cookies and let me onaid -- lemonade were actually from chick-fil-a, so you gotta make a profit. >> it is awesome.
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let's do this weather thing because we have a whole mess of weather to talk about. first off the flash flood watch. what you need to know this afternoon going into the evening hours is that more storms are on the way and some which could produce some flash flooding. so just be aware of that. the entire state under the flash flood watch. 74 in town right now, d.c. is at 76 and we do have some 70s over the eastern shore. so we are starting out mild, we are starting out humid once again. this area of low pressure we're tracking right now on maryland's most powerful radar, this is going to run along the stationary boundary situated right on top of the state. again, this is going to be the focus of the heavy rain, maybe perhaps a scattered shower or thunderstorm. some of the storms, by the way, could be strong to severe. anne arundel county, i'm talking to you guys, you could see a strong, gusty thunderstorm. 75 in the 8:00 hour, we're up to 80 at the lunchtime hour and a two-degree guarantee of 85 degrees. notice the storm chances increasing after the lunch
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hour. we'll track the storms on maryland's most powerful radar. that's coming up in a little bit. let's check traffic with lauren. good morning, lauren. >>reporter: good morning, mike. hopefully the storms cooled things down a bit, 85 degrees not too bad at all. if you are heading out on the jfx, we are dealing with flooding at cold spring lane as well as an accident in the same location. if you are driving in the area, please be extra cautious. in downtown baltimore, we're dealing with a problem, another kind of water problem, a water main break that continues to shut down light street, that's right between baltimore street and lombard street. you will want to use mass transit if at all possible or hopkins place or fayette street as your alternate routes. out on the beltway, we are dealing with a new accident, on the inner loop at 97. as we check in and take a live look at the beltway in overly, no problems to report at bel aire road. it will be an easy ride up towards 83. as we head to the west side of the beltway here at liberty road, just 11 minutes on that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. you, mom, dad, maybe even
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your sister, may not have power this morning. many getting back to work with the flashlight and bge told us overnight, please be patient, thousands still in the dark after last night's storms. abc 2 news' sharree johnson is live in felds point with more on these outages and the headaches it's causing once again, sharree. >>reporter: charley, we just checked with bge. right now they have over 7000 customers without power because of those storms last night. you know those storms caused a lot of flooding, heavy winds, rain, a lot of folks without power still, but bge is steadily working on that to restore power as quickly as possible. take a look at this video. we're here in felds point where we had a viewer that shot some video and posted it on youtube. this is video from the felds point area. you can see flooding near the inlet, you you can see cars driving through this high standing flood water here, and he's moving very slowly, but still a lot of flooding in this area, and near camden yards at
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the hilton guests got a big surprise when the water proved too much for the ceiling to hold. firefighters from across the u.s. in town for the annual expo had to clear out while hotel staff cleaned up the big mess. firefighters say they saw the ceiling come crashing down. and johns hopkins hospital also had some problems with mother nature. heavy rain collected in the hospital's ambulance bay eventually spilling into the emergency room. so this morning, you know, bge crews are still on the scene trying to restore power to a lot of customers, and there'll be a lot of cleanup efforts going on around in the area. reporting live in felds point, sharree johnson, abc 2 news. 5:38 right now. we want to did back to this breaking news that we've been following this morning out of aurora, colorado. you're looking at a map of the area we're talking about. this is about 10 miles away from denver, a huge story happening right now. 14 people dead, about 50 injured. they were all inside of a movie theater, seeing the midnight showing of "the dark knight" when a man came in to the back of the theater. he started shooting. he put off some type of gas
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canster. he is now in police custody. >> witnesses say they thought the pops were a special effect within the movie. they had no idea somebody walked into the back door and was opening fire. you're talking about these massive stadium seating type imax theaters where hundreds of people were in there and many had no idea what was going on at all. police took him into custody. they found him in his car shortly afterwards. he had two weapons in his car with him and another gas canster of some kind. but, megan, during the interview, he was pretty revealing what he told investigators. he told police, made some sort of mention of having explosive devices inside his apartment. this story is now getting bigger because police had to go to his apartment complex, evacuate that area because they have no idea what's inside of this guy's apartment. right now you're looking at pictures of the movie theater where this happened. this is live video from a helicopter. you can see police still on the scene, not only at the movie theater right now, but also at this man's apartment complex because they don't know what they're walking into. >> every minute by minute this story changes more and more.
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since we started at 4:30, the numbers just keep going up. we're talking about 14 dead now, 50 injured. spokespeople for the hospitals in and around aurora, they were told when this started breaking from the emergency responders, be ready for "a mass casualty situation." that is exactly what's unfolding this morning. >> sadly the swedish medical center which is right by this movie theater, the closest trauma center, one of the spokespeople said a couple of of the people taken in are now in critical condition. who knows whether or not the fatality number will rise. right now 14 dead, 50 injured. you're looking at a live picture just outside of denver, colorado. we're going to stay on top of this story. we'll be right back. ahhh, now that's a clean mouth.
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news time now 5:43. back now to that prz out of colorado. 14 people now confirmed dead, 39 -- excuse me, that number has been up to 50 now injured, following a mass shooting at a theater from the premier of "the dark knight rises," a stadium theater, obviously full of people, many of these sold out. a live look this morning. this is actually a change. it appears to be in the live shot, megan.
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we've been showing you the theater, aerials overnight as they've been scouring the area. 250 police officers on the scene. it appears kusa has changed that scene to the ambulance area, the e.r. at the nearby hospital. those stories really happening at three different places, obviously the movie theater where it started, where we're told the gunman went in through the back, put off some sort of device, either a gas device, people heard the hissing, started to panic and that's when shots were fired and that's when people started screaming. now, that's one scene. the second scene, obviously what you're looking at right now is the hospital where 50 people have been taking, some in critical condition, 14 people dead. and then the other scene is actually at an apartment complex. we haven't seen that yet, but the reason that's important to this story is because the gunman when he was taken into police custody told them some sort of mention about explosives inside of his apartment. he lives in an apartment complex, so they had to evacuate that area, and they are right now working that scene as well. >> a little perspective on this for you, the whole thing started around 12:30.
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witnesses are saying it started about 15 minutes into the movie. once again, the premier of "the dark knight rises," walks into the back of the theater, he's got a smoke device of some kind, opens fire. they thought it was all part of the show, sound effects and whatnot, not the case at all. a live shot from kusa now switching back to its aerial above the theater where once again, 14 people dead, 50 others injured. the police chief, aurora police chief dan oates confirms one person is in custody. there have been rumors online, the plogosphere is going nuts with this, a second gunman or accomplice. the police chief is saying one person is in custody and that's all they have evidence of right now. >> you may have noticed a lot of police cars on the scene. we were told at one point 250 police officers investigating this. and right now this is going to continue to be a big story. so we're going to stay on top of it. our managing editor has literally been running into the studio giving us updates because he has been working the
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phones. so as soon as we get new information, and it's changing constantly, we're going to bring it to you on air and online at it is now 5:45. we're off to a break. "good morning maryland" continues in just a moment. @
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5:48. thanks for joining us this
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morning. i know a lot of people saw that lightning and thought, please don't hit my house. >> but, mike, that's something we've been dealing with. a lot of stories this past week, back to sunday, in the middle of the week and another report out of louisville, kentucky, another house hit by lightning. >> we've been seeing this all over the country, all of this humidity sparking off these big storms, these huge storms and we do have a shot of more storms as we head into the afternoon hours. we want to take you to kennedy island, very dark shot right now. 74 degrees, dewpoint very high at 72. so we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and any storm that does develop, any thunderstorm that does develop does have the potential of dumping a lot of rain. and for that reason a flash flood watch has been issued for the entire state throof this ev 74 in town right now, 76 in d.c., 70s over the eastern shore. again, this area of low pressure you see over parts of the ohio valley, that's going to ride along this stationary boundary on top of us and that will be the focus of the scattered showers and storms. 75 to 85 during the course of the afternoon, the rain chances
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go up after the lunchtime hour going in through the course of your day today. in fact, you can see future trend showing some pretty heavy rain coming in, maybe a band of some showers and storms coming in after, say, the midnight hour, going into the overnight and saturday morning before we start to see some partial clearing. so in terms of your forecast for the afternoon, 85 degrees, mostly cloudy with those downpours likely. tonight we go down to 70 eventually, but, again, could see some flooding rains and some gusty storms. your seven-day forecast 85 and humid today, 83 on saturday with a dprai start, but clearing skies late in the afternoon. and the pick of the weekend sunday, 85, hotter but sunshine with temperatures back into the 90s by early next week. let's get a check on traffic. lauren cook is in the traffic center. good morning, lauren. >>reporter: good morning, mike. we are dealing with a lot of flooding out on the jfx. you do want to be extra careful traveling southbound at cold spring lane. we do have an accident at the location. so please be extra cautious. we do have some more problems to tell you about out on the
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beltway. there's another accident on the inner loop, that's going to be right at interstate 97. as we check in and take a live look at the west side of the beltway, here at baltimore national pike, you'll notice everything up to speed, no delays. it will be a pretty easy ride up towards 795. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. we want to continue breaking news with this big story happening out of colorado this morning. at least 14 people dead, 15 hurt following a shooting spree that happened at a movie theater. you're looking at a live picture right now of a hospital near that movie theater where so many victims were taken. this is a huge story right now. it was the premier of the new batman movie, so you can imagine how packed this movie theater was. you're talking about hundreds of people in one cramped area. what we're learning now is the suspected gunman walked in from the back of the theater, threw some sort of smoke or gas can. this amateur video courtesy of youtube, someone posting inside the theater right now, these are some horrible, horrifying images. you can just imagine, megan, what these people are thinking.
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they thought this was part of the movie. >> i think as the morning rolls around, we're going to see more things like this pop up online and we'll bring it to you. but what we're hearing from people who were at that movie theater, they were sitting there, they were watching the movie, they heard a hissing noise. that hissing noise was some sort of gas can. and then a popping. some people thought it was fireworks going on, nobody thought somebody was opening fire but that is exactly what happened. police found the gunman in his car. he had a rifle and handgun with him. they took him into custody and then they learned based on what he told them, he says i have some sort of explosive device in my apartment. so they go to his apartment complex, they've had to evacuate that area because they have no idea what's in there. >> multiple news agencies this morning are confirming through the police chief of aurora, colorado, there's no evidence of a second gunman. a lot of people out there on the blogosphere to -- talking
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about it. i'm on twitter. we're watching newscasts right now in denver, colorado, learning this as we go, just like you. we're bringing it to you as it is developing. one thing on twitter real quickly, megan, as we go to break, a woman has posted, aurora colorado is within 50 miles of columbine. >> another thing we want to mention, our managing editor has been managing the phones. we have a sister station in denver, colorado, so he has a direct line into what's happening. he has basically been running in and out of the studio, sending us instant messages, new information as it happens. stay with us. as soon as we learn something about this, we will let you know. i know this happened in colorado, but all of you can imagine what it's like to take your family to a premier movie and go in there and think how terrifying this must have been for the people in there. >> one tweet real quickly here as we go to break, one eyewitness in the theater at the moment saying, this courtesy of the telegraph, "oh, god, i don't know what to do."
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these scenes amateur video courtesy of youtube of what just happened hours ago, a mass shooting in aurora, colorado. >> what we know right now, 14 people dead, 50 people injured. they were all inside a movie theater when a gunman just started opening fire. that gunman now in police custody. we are on top of this story. we're going to continue to cover it in our 6:00 hour.
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